Trommel screens - Brystal:
The Perfect Solution for Your Needs

Service description:

Brystal offers high-quality drum sieves, made to individual order, tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Our sieves are ideal for both stationary and mobile machines, characterized by exceptional stiffness and durability. Thanks to our advanced design and production technology, we are able to create the perfect sieve for you that will meet all your expectations.

Product description:

Our trommel screens feature a solid monolithic construction, ensuring exceptional stability and efficiency. Thanks to the use of a transport spiral, our sieves are not only efficient in transport, but also additionally stiffen the entire structure, creating a compact and durable whole. These sieves are equipped with a spiral ribbon welded to the inner surface, which provides even greater strength and stability. Various types of assembly are available, which allows for quick replacement of screens appropriately adapted to the processed raw material.

Product Advantages:


Individual projects tailored to customer needs


Durable monolithic construction ensuring stability and durability


Quick replacement of screens, enabling adaptation to various raw materials


Mounting options inside and outside the structure for greater flexibility


Self-cleaning properties using woven mesh


The use of different types of drive to meet various application requirements

Chipper sieves

made of sheet metal up to 50 mm with the possibility of additional surfacing with abrasion-resistant material with a hardness of 55-60 HRc

With Brystal you will receive not only high-quality drum sieves,
but also dedicated customer service and an individual approach to your needs.

Our sieves are effective, durable and easy to use,
making them an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

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